If you are thinking about purchasing a deep fryer you can rest assured that there is a whole variety of these supplies available in the market. The following are a few features you should consider before purchasing a deep fryer.

Features of the Waldorf fn8130g deep fryer

The Waldorf deep frying is a single pan fryer which has a 20 litre oil capacity and comes along with two infrared grills. It comprises of mechanical control and is easy to clean and install. It comes along with two plates of stainless steel to provide ease of use while cooking.


What you should consider before buying a deep fryer

There is quite a variety of the fryers which are available however, electric deep fryers are most common option is specially if you are buying it for household use. It should be kept in mind that these kinds of the fryers are small in size and can be perfect for indoor cooking. These are also considered to be one of the most affordable options.

Another kind are the propane deep fryers which are known for the traditional frying methods. In a propane fryer the oil heats faster and the food is prepared slower compared to food cooked in an electric fryer. However these fryers need to be used outdoor and since these are fuelled using propane you might need to refill them as soon as they get empty.

When you are about to buy a deep fryer you must consider the amount of power that it generates. The more powerful the model is the more it is going to heat the oil. However most of  these deep fryers come with the thermostat so that you know how you are supposed to cook different foods. These come with a digitally controlled temperature settings while others might have a mechanical thermostat. However it is important that the filter of the deep fryer should be washable and replaced if it gets broken. You might also need to consider whether the parts of the deep fryer a dishwasher safe. Also it need to have an outlet for letting the used oil out but make sure that before you buy any model it is easy to use and maintain.

Some deep fryers also come with an oil change notification so that you would know that the oil has been overused and needs to be replaced. The next thing that you need to consider is its capacity. Whether you are intending to make a snack for a few friends or family or if you would like a larger model so that you can easily serve customers at your restaurant. Some deep fryers can also easily cook deep fried fish and whole chickens.

Last but not the least also take a look at the difference in the accessories which come along with the commercial gas deep fryer so that you are able to fry multiple food items at the same time. Keeping all these things in mind would allow you to purchase the best deep fryer which is available in the market.


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